Manhattan, Part I

from by The Madeleine Haze



Falling down, burning out, this life will swallow you
Turn back ‘round, discover how, reveal the inner you

With one fleeting step I fall into you – A mesmerizing whirlwind of colors and sounds anew
Lightning in a bottle ‘round every corner – The smell of air seasoned with life’s perfume

And I assumed you’d be here with me but you’re gone in some far off oblivion
And I need you near to me, it’s my life and this place, and you and me is what I need to be

You’re my reality, you’re my daytime in the night, you’re my candle burning bright
You’re my endless day when the sun fades away
When my dreams are haunting me, you’re my reality

With one precise shift we are out of here – Seamlessly in reverse back through the years
Colors changing, we have exited the promised land – The care of wondering if they’re right, and where we are, and where I stand

And I assumed I’d need you, but just how right I was, I didn’t even know
Your eyes and your skin beneath the lights, under the glimmer of my life, you are more beautiful

Tasting your life, you’re holding me in
Keeping me sane, keeping me real
Without you, I’m nothing, a dream that fades away in the morning

Keep me in this world, I've something to bring
Something to show, to let them all see
Show them the power, let them see why I’m here, let them see that

You’re my reality…


from Noble Lies & Pious Frauds, released December 2, 2014



all rights reserved


The Madeleine Haze Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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