Happiness Machines

from by The Madeleine Haze



Give me a god I can worship blind, give me a flag I can never doubt
Give me a trend so I'll be defined, give me a maze I can never get out
Give me the lie of democracy, give me a lost and bewildered herd
Give me a case of low self esteem, and a hell where the sinners burn

You live our lives
We chase your dreams
Through fetid skies
On unfettered wings

Sing me a stupid song, and I'll sing along, I'm so one dimensional
I need a reason to hate myself, so you can fill me with chemicals
I'm never in style for long, I'm so here then gone
I need the fashion to make me whole, so I can polish my happiness machine

Send me a plan for serenity, tell me it's all gonna be OK
Help me to navigate the sea of souls drowning in hypocrisy
Pour your water over me, cleanse my mind with your fairy tales
Read your holy book to me, but so much to rescind the sale

Sing to me, sing to me
Make me believe
I am a constantly moving happiness machine


from Noble Lies & Pious Frauds, released December 2, 2014



all rights reserved


The Madeleine Haze Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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