Noble Lies & Pious Frauds

by The Madeleine Haze

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released December 2, 2014

The Madeleine Haze is :

Zack Goebbel - guitars & vocals
Richard Wilson - bass guitar
Dan Dalton - drums

Recorded at Fort Karate, Atlanta GA, except * recorded at RWSound, Feasterville PA, and Rumination Recordings, Warminster PA, March - October 2014

Produced by Randy Garcia & The Madeleine Haze
Mixed by Randy Garcia

Drums on "Diet of Worms" performed by Dan Dalton, drums on all other tracks performed by Ben Carter

all music & lyrics by The Madeleine Haze
copyright 2014



all rights reserved


The Madeleine Haze Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Nihilist (Thus Spoke Propaganda, Part I)
It never looked so good on paper, but quickly spiraled out of control
I'm sure you have the best intentions, as you trample on my soul

And as our icons fail

You'd take it all away, I'll give it back today
Out of my fear and pain, don't let me go insane

I've seen the ways of a nihilist - Close down the world with anti-flags unfurled
Iconoclast, and superman - And in the end, you'll understand

You feel your lies fall down around you, you and honesty collide
As Occom's razor cuts your purview, still you feel the rush of pride

And now that god is dead

And in these days of decay, a world aflame, I turn away
Track Name: Burned Again (Thus Spoke Propaganda, Part II)
Standing on a hill, acrid air, my lungs fill
Carbon coats my teeth, my blood sparks the souls as I breathe
It shrieks across the plains, the odor of it making me insane
Nowhere to run and hide, making flaming day out of the night

Wind blows through my nose, my olfactory sense becomes exposed
I taste the breath of life forcing itself into me tonight

But I can't taste your life - you're already dead inside
My palette scorched by your name - I've used my tongue to lick your flame

Burned again by the flames of lifeless souls on fire
Breathing in, I consume your incendiary tide

My sinuses ablaze, the sun has stuck its tongue into my face
A nasal third degree, creation through my body, now I can't breathe

Lost in the flames again, burned by your name again
Track Name: The Turning Away
When I was young, you within my reach
I closed my eyes, I could touch your feet
I drank you in almost every week
The more I found, the more the need to seek

I call to you, but I'm not getting through

And I can't feel you now
There's no emotion left, and my heart is cleft
I can't feel you now
Come back to me

Now in dismay my world seems to collapse
Fighting for you, my efforts go astray
Could it be so that you were never there?
And now the glaring truth that life isn't fair

I crawl to you, but you ignore my pleas
Track Name: Diet of Worms
Assembled before the Imperial Estates, the edict will be conducted today
Constance will not be your foretold fate, as you defend against the exsurge domine

The Reformation burned alive
Your blasphemous truth is built on lies
We stand and we condemn the Augustinian, subdue the enemies of faith

Liar, hypocrite, bringer of sorrow
Heretic, you're just a liar

My people won't repudiate, how dare you burn them at the stake
Thaler salvation you breed, this diet of Worms is starving me

Liar, hypocrite, bringer of sorrow
Heretic, you're just a liar
Track Name: Happiness Machines
Give me a god I can worship blind, give me a flag I can never doubt
Give me a trend so I'll be defined, give me a maze I can never get out
Give me the lie of democracy, give me a lost and bewildered herd
Give me a case of low self esteem, and a hell where the sinners burn

You live our lives
We chase your dreams
Through fetid skies
On unfettered wings

Sing me a stupid song, and I'll sing along, I'm so one dimensional
I need a reason to hate myself, so you can fill me with chemicals
I'm never in style for long, I'm so here then gone
I need the fashion to make me whole, so I can polish my happiness machine

Send me a plan for serenity, tell me it's all gonna be OK
Help me to navigate the sea of souls drowning in hypocrisy
Pour your water over me, cleanse my mind with your fairy tales
Read your holy book to me, but so much to rescind the sale

Sing to me, sing to me
Make me believe
I am a constantly moving happiness machine
Track Name: Manhattan, Part I
Falling down, burning out, this life will swallow you
Turn back ‘round, discover how, reveal the inner you

With one fleeting step I fall into you – A mesmerizing whirlwind of colors and sounds anew
Lightning in a bottle ‘round every corner – The smell of air seasoned with life’s perfume

And I assumed you’d be here with me but you’re gone in some far off oblivion
And I need you near to me, it’s my life and this place, and you and me is what I need to be

You’re my reality, you’re my daytime in the night, you’re my candle burning bright
You’re my endless day when the sun fades away
When my dreams are haunting me, you’re my reality

With one precise shift we are out of here – Seamlessly in reverse back through the years
Colors changing, we have exited the promised land – The care of wondering if they’re right, and where we are, and where I stand

And I assumed I’d need you, but just how right I was, I didn’t even know
Your eyes and your skin beneath the lights, under the glimmer of my life, you are more beautiful

Tasting your life, you’re holding me in
Keeping me sane, keeping me real
Without you, I’m nothing, a dream that fades away in the morning

Keep me in this world, I've something to bring
Something to show, to let them all see
Show them the power, let them see why I’m here, let them see that

You’re my reality…
Track Name: Nightmares & Dreamscapes
In my dreams I could almost see my own reflection staring back at me
I wanted to wake and find reality, but the dream just kept tormenting me
Strangers surrounding me, threatening my sanity
Back and forth, this rift within me, swinging pendulum for eternity
Sight and sound taken from me, but replaced by anxiety
Am I in that place where they say I’ll face all the troubles of my world?

I can’t see the light, I’m clawing at my mind, nefarious eyes stare me down

And I want to walk away, but even as I bleed, I will not pray against perdition's ominous flames, in these nightmares and dreamscapes